Unlimited possibilities, professional results - CNC creativity for the home.

The new Hammer HNC Moulder makes the world of CNC machining affordable for everyone. Ideal for demanding do-it-yourselfers, ambitious model makers, quality-conscious small-series manufacturers as well as training facilities and schools, the HNC 47.82 removes the limits of manufacturing possibilities and impresses with its Austrian mechanical engineering quality.

On a surface as large as a Euro palette, the HNC offers all the liberties of CNC machining at a unique price-performance ratio. The high-quality materials have been processed into a solid construction according to Austrian mechanical engineering standards and provide exceptional torsional strength and stability. The powerful moulder spindle, precise linear guides and powerful stepper motors ensure maximum performance and efficiency for every challenge. Absolute precision and repeatability are guaranteed at all times, even with delicate work. The HNC can be controlled either via an integrated, intuitive software or with any software of your choice. The workpieces and numerous accessories can be fastened to the T-slot table in no time at all.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Unlimited machining options on the surface of a EURO palette: working surface 825 x 479 mm, through feed height 160 mm
  • High stability due to solid construction, high-quality materials and Austrian mechanical engineering standards
  • Powerful and efficient: 1000 Watt moulder motor (optional 2.2 kW moulder spindle), 5 m/min feed speed
  • Absolute precision for every application: ±0.05 mm repeatability and ±0.01 mm backlash
  • High-quality results even with the most delicate work thanks to linear guides
  • Powerful, durable stepper motors for sufficient torque at any speed
  • Simultaneous operation of three axis (fourth axis optionally controlable)
  • Intuitive control and an open interface with many Postprocessors for the software of your choice.
  • Flexible workpiece and accessory fastening on the T-slot table
  • Numerous accessories available

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Unpack, plug in and get started

The Hammer HNC is delivered fully assembled, lubricated and calibrated. Once the machine has been unpacked and connected to a power supply and the control computer, it can be used immediately. There is no assembling or calibration to be carried out.

CNC machining diversity within a surface area of a Euro palette

On a footprint of the size of a Euro palette, the HNC offers all the possibilities of CNC machining with a working area of 825 x 479 x 682 mm and a through feed height of 160 mm.

Powerful and Efficient - The HF Moulder Spindle with 2.2 kW

The powerful moulder spindle with 2200 W power enables demanding CNC processing freedom and highly precise professional results. 

T-slot machine table

The workpieces and numerous accessories can be attached to the robust T-slot machine table with M8 slot (17.5 x 7.5 mm) in a flash. With a large number of clamping devices from the Hammer range and the possibility of using clamping methods developed in-house, the aluminium table offers absolute flexibility.

Powerful motors and maximum repeatability

Powerful, durable stepper motors provide sufficient torque at any speed. Trapezoidal threaded spindles and specially developed trapezoidal threaded nuts are used for the drive. Absolute precision is guaranteed with ±0.05 mm repeatability and ±0.01 mm reverse tolerance for every application.

High-precision Linear Guides

Two high-precision linear guides on each axis of the machine ensure high-quality results even for the most delicate jobs. Four guide carriages on the z-axis, three on the y-axis and two on each side of the x-axis are resistant to contamination and absolutely maintenance-free.

Simultaneous operation of three axis (fourth axis optionally controlable)

Both spindles of the X-axis and the Z-axis are driven by the motor via toothed belts. The Y-axis spindle is directly connected to the motor and is protected from dirt by a guard plate. A wrap angle of 180° on the gears, as well as an adjustable belt tensioning guarantee a drive system without slippage or slack.

Height adjustable Extraction Hood

The height adjustable dust extraction hood with 32 mm extraction connection ensures a clean working area.. The brush ring is fixed to the hood using magnets and can be removed easily when changing the tools.

Intuitive control and open interface for the software of choice

The HNC can be controlled either via the integrated, intuitive software or with any software of your choice. The user-friendly interface of the standard operating software is fully touchscreen operable.

Įranga & Techniniai duomenys

.534-007 HNC 47.82, 4-Achs Endstufe, 2,2 kW Frässpindel inkl. Controller und Anschlusskabel S
HNC Technische Daten
Abmessungen (X,Y,Z) [mm] 1111 x 762 x 682
Aufspannbereich (X,Y) [mm] 1005 x 574
Arbeitsbereich (X,Y) [mm] 825 x 479
Durchlasshöhe [mm] 160
Verfahrgeschwindigkeit [m/min] 6
Gewicht [kg] 80
Technische Auflösung [mm] 0,00375
Wiederholgenauigkeit [mm] ± 0,05
Umkehrspiel [mm] ± 0,1
Schrittmotoren NEMA 24, 2,8A [Nm] 1,06
Verwindungssteifigkeit bei 150N Belastung (X,Y,Z) [mm] 0,02 - 0,06
Trapezgewindespindel Tr 14 x 6


What came first? The idea or the tool? With the new, 100% Austrian CNC portal milling machine from the Felder Group, you certainly won't have to wait long for new ideas. Unlimited possibilities, professional results - the CNC milling machine for the home.

Proof of quality in practical tests! With two projects in model making and architecture, the Austrian Hammer CNC portal milling machine once again proves its unbeatable precision and performance in every application. CNC technology made affordable, for professional or ambitious do-it-yourselfers without restrictions in performance, quality and repeat accuracy.

The new Hammer HNC is the Austrian CNC portal milling machine for professional CNC results for hobby, trade, industry and schools. In this video we present the Hammer HNC from its technical perspective – solid, strong, precise and made in Austria. The concluding high-performance practical test puts absolute CNC precision in a nutshell.

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