A powerful package of performance and precision in a compact unit

Is it possible to carry out professional surface planing and thicknessing, moulding, format ­cutting and as an option, slot mortising even in the smallest of spaces? With the C3 31 perform, it‘s no problem!

The C3 31 perform offers you the finest machine technology, exceptional performance and a great deal of precision while occupying very little space.

The extraordinary user-friendliness, the various possibilities for making accurate adjustments, the short change-over times and the high-quality workmanship that Hammer puts into each machine ensure that you are investing in a ­product that will serve you well for many, many years.

... why you should choose a Hammer

  • Excellent value for money
  • Decision making reliability for many years to come
  • Innovative machine technology
  • Solid cast iron tables and units
  • High quality, unique detail solutions as part of the standard package
  • Top quality manufacturing with strict quality guidelines
  • Remarkably user friendly
  • Classic design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Compact functionality
  • Mobile as an option
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Quickest changeover times

Turite klausimų? Užpildykite anketą ir mes atsakysime per įmanomai trumpą laiką.

Stable-compact-precise, the Hammer saw aggregate

The Hammer saw aggregate impresses with smoothness, precision and extreme user friendliness. The large cutting height of 103 mm leaves nothing to be desired. Saw blades with up to 315 mm diameter can be lowered completely below the level of the saw table. The saw blade is simple to access and can be changed with ease.

Saw blade tilt 90°–45°

The blade can be tilted to any position between 90° and 45° and guarantees precise mitre cuts. End stops at the 90° and 45° position ensure the exact positioning of the settings, a large dimensioned scale makes the exact setting and reading of the value easy.

Grooving, slot and tenoning with the saw

Every hammer panel saw can be equipped with a prepartion for the use of specialised dado tooling. The dado tool can be fitted to the saw arbour and makes it possible to make various width grooves, tenons and slots of between 8 and 19.5 mm in width.

Scoring unit for laminated workpieces

The scoring unit ensures chip free cuts in laminated workpieces. The cutting width of the two part scoring blade can be adjusted accurately to the tooth width of the main saw blade using a ring set. The drive of the scoring blade is done mechanically, with it rotating in the opposite direction to the main saw blade.

Slankiojantis stalas

Perform modeliai komplektuojami su ilgais stalais, pritaikytais didelėms apkrovoms. Tiksli kreipiančiųjų sistema garantuoja tikslų pjovimą.

Outrigger table for heavy workpieces

The outrigger table provides additional surface support and precision when processing large dimensioned and heavy workpieces. In combination with a 900 or 1,300 aluminium crosscut fence and the crosscut extension your Hammer with outrigger table becomes a complete, large panel saw.


Fiksuotų kampų lekalas, leis parinkti pjovimo pozicijas kas 5°, taip pat ir specifines, tokias kaip 22,5°.

Crosscut fence for precise mitre cuts

Adjustable to any position between +45° and –45°, the crosscut fence ensures precise angled and mitre cuts. A scale integrated into the aluminium sliding table makes it easy to set precisely. The end stop for the 90° position guarantees absolute precision with repeat settings. The scale on the 900 mm long aluminium crosscut fence is angled towards the operator and makes it easy to comfortably read the exact setting. In combination with the crosscut stop with integrated magnifying glass, highly precise settings and as such absolutely exact results are guaranteed.

Rip fence on the saw table

The cutting width on the saw table can be adjusted to any position between 0 and 600 mm. The scale that is integrated into the rail ensures the exact setting of the aluminium rip fence to the position required. The aluminium fence can be positioned in any position along the cutting direction - when processing long workpieces you get a better feed of the workpiece and ensure a high processing precision. When carrying out mitre cuts with a tilted saw blade it is possible to move the fence from the horizontal to the flat position. The narrow fence edge then enables the rip cutting of very thin workpieces. An even more precise, tenth of a millimetre accurate setting of the aluminium rip fence can be achieved with the optional Hammer fine adjustment.

Ypač tikslus, bepakopis prapjovos liniuotės nustatymas lygiagrečiam pjovimui, C3 31 kombinuotam įrenginiui.

The generous size of the rip fence allows for the cutting of large workpieces. The fence is always parallel to the sawblade and provides rigid support for the workpiece.

3 knife quick-change, self-setting cutterblock system, the heart of every Hammer planer

The Hammer 3 knife quick-change, self-setting cutterblock system guarantees excellent planed wood surfaces and simple operating comfort. Since 1987 the cutterblock quick-change system has proven itself a thousand times over and our customers worldwide have saved on expensive additional investment in standard planer cutterblocks. The quick-change cutterblock system is only available from the Felder Group! Your advantages at a glance:

  • Planer knife change without adjustments in seconds
  • Disposable knives, each with two cutting edges at an affordable price
  • no expensive adjustment devices required as with the standard planer knives for example
  • no second set of planing knives are required during the sharpening cycle

Optional: Plane sensationally quietly with the Silent-Power® spiral cutterblock

Exclusive for planer/thicknessers from the Felder Group. The Silent-Power® spiral cutterblock reduces noise emissions by more than half when planing. The continuous pulling cut ensures tear-free results when planing all types of wood. With this revolutionary new development from Felder you are obtaining all of the advantages of a spiral cutterblock at considerably lower operating, investment and adjustment costs. The advantages of the Silent-Power® cutterblock at a glance ...

  • Sensationally quiet, noise emissions halved
  • Blade life up to 20 times longer
  • Four highly precise cutting edges on each knife

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Solid planer tables for absolute precision

The strong ribbed Hammer planer and thicknesser tables are made from solid cast iron and ensure excellent precision in every situation. The width of the planing table equates to the planing width, which means that workpieces can be planed safely across the full length of the planing table.

Quick and simple: Depth of cut adjustment when planing

The large adjustment handle for the planing depth of cut is integrated perfectly into the machine design. The depth of cut adjustment of up to 4 mm can be carried out quickly, simple and precisely without having to release any locks. That is top class operating comfort.

The planer fence for exact joining and bevelling

The planer fence can be moved and fixed to any position across the width of the table. The planing fence is made of aluminium and can be tilted and fixed at any position between 90°–45°. Fine adjustable end stops ensure an exact 90° and 45° position. The precise workpiece guiding whilst joining and bevelling is helped by the long planing fence.

Dvigubi pakeliami obliavimo stalai.

A space saving solution with optimum ergonomics: Planer tables tilt away from the user operating area, this ensures that working with your Hammer planer is as user-friendly as possible and also requires less workshop space. The simultaneous, dual opening and closing of the planing tables saves time and is extremely comfortable. The planing tables lock automatically at the 0° end position.

Maximum thicknessing height for big requirements

The maximum thicknessing height of 225 mm is a guarantee for the perfect processing of large and heavy workpieces. An even more precise, tenth of a millimetre accurate adjustment of the thicknessing height is possible as an option with a handwheel and integrated digital clock.

Perfect extraction technology - a clean solution

The aerodynamically optimised construction of the dust extraction hood with its ample chip space guarantees an ideal chip extraction and clean working surface.

Horizontalus kaltavimas

Horizontalaus kaltavimo įrenginys gali būti montuojamas obliaus pusėje. 

Stability and operating smoothness - the Hammer spindle moulder unit

High precision with standard moulding work or use of heavy tools - The Hammer spindle moulder unit guarantees extreme smoothness and precision. The spindle diameter is 30 mm. The ergonomically laid out operating elements and the smooth tool change convinces with every application, day after day. Four well spaced, selectable speeds, 3,000/6,000/8,000 and 10,000 rpm, cover the optimum speeds of various different spindle tool diameters with ease. An important detail is standard with Hammer: the forward and reverse run of the spindle for your safety when moulding.

Strong motors - Optimal power transmission

The power transmission of the motor power to the saw arbour or moulder spindle is achieved using large dimensioned Poly-V belts and counter surface. The surface area which is increased through the V shape of the drive belt on the pulley increases the grip and ensures an almost perfect transmission of power from the motor to the saw arbour and moulder spindle.

Pagrindinis velenas

Standartiškai komplektuojamas su Ø 30 mm skersmens velenu.

MF Spindle shaft quick change system

With just a couple of turns of your hand, the spindle shaft can be swapped with varying diameters, without losing any of the settings.

Spindle fence: simple handling, maximum safety and precision

The Hammer spindle fence is suitable for tools with a diameter up to 220 mm. Both of the anodised aluminium fences can be easily set to the spindle moulder tool diameter being used. The adjustment for the depth of cut when moulding can be made on the outfeed fence plate with a range of –5 mm und +25 mm. The extraction connection diameter for the chip extraction on the fence is 120 mm. As an option, safety bars can be fitted into the aluminium fence for a continuous surface support and offer even more safety when moulding.

Tikslaus nustatymo sistema "Multi"

Profesionalūs priedai: Frezos apsauga „220“ frezai max 220 mm skersmens, MULTI sistema tiksliam frezavimo liniuotės "220" nustatymui, lygiagrečiam judėjimui ir greitam nustatymui.

Apsauginiai strypeliai

Papildomai galite užsisakyti saugumo strypelius

As an option: Adapt the table size to the workpiece dimension

Processing long and heavy workpieces without assistance - no problem with a Hammer! The Hammer table extension system has proven itself thousandfold, the world over. In just a few steps and without tools the table extensions can be mounted to every Hammer machine. The surface can be extended by 400 or 800 mm on each side of the working table. Which means that it is possible to increase your table length by up to 1600 mm!

Minimal space requirement - mobile in every workshop

Hammer woodworking machines are an absolute spatial wonder. The efficient machine design of a Hammer means that space can be found in even the smallest of workshops. As an option a rolling carriage can be fitted to every Hammer, offering mobility and freeing up additional space.

Hammer - Decision making reliability for many years to come

HAMMER - Stability, functionality and reliability from Austria - Hammer woodworking machines are a top-quality product from the Felder-Group Since 1997 Hammer have been producing high quality yet affordable woodworking machines for smaller workshops and businesses. The models have been specifically designed for this customer group and are now available in the basic, winner and perform configuration, offering price optimised solutions for every requirement. Decades of experience building machines, Austrian craftsmanship, strict quality standards and tried and tested Felder system solutions, guarantee excellent woodworking machines, the best operating results and customer satisfaction for years to come. From the passionate woodworker to the business user with high demands, with machines from Hammer you are guaranteed reliability and precise woodworking.

Įranga & Techniniai duomenys

Elektros įranga
001 Įtampa 3x 400 V S
003 Įtampa 1x 230 V, variklio galingumas 4,0 KM (3,0 kW) S6/40% Pasirinktinai
004 Dažnis 50 Hz S
005 Dažnis 60 Hz Nemokama papildoma įranga
007 Variklio galingumas 4,0 KM (3,0 kW) S6/40% S
11 Freza su apsukų kryptimi į dešinę ir kairę S
Obliavimo reismuso staklės ir velenas su peiliais
42 Automatinis 3-jų peilių velenas S
43 Velenas su 3 plonais obliavimo peiliais Pasirinktinai
44 Silent-POWER Spiralmesser-Hobelwelle Pasirinktinai
Messeranzahl - Silent-POWER Spiralmesser Hobelwelle 47
Max.atskeliamas storis (mm) 4 mm
Obliavimo plotis (mm) 310 mm
Obliavimo staklių stalų ilgis (mm) 1400 mm
Obliavimo staklių liniuotė paverčiama 90°–45° kampu, anoduota S
Obliavimo staklių liniuotės ilgis (mm) 150 x 1150 mm
Obliavimo reismuso staklės
Obliavimo plotis (mm) 306 mm
Reismuso stalo ilgis (mm) 540 mm
Min.-max. reismuso aukštis 4-225 mm S
Sinchronizuota pastūma 6 m/min (50Hz) S
Pjovimo staklių agregatas
Pagrindinio pjūklo skersmuo 250-315 mm, pjūklo apsukų skaičius 4800 aps/min S
Pjovimo staklės, pjūklas paverčiamas 90°–45°, maksimalus pjovimo aukštis 103 mm S
Pjovimo-frezavimo staklių stalas (mm) 860 x 300 mm
76 Tolygus pjovimo plotis 0–600 mm
82 Komplektas, įrankių dygiams, montavimui 19,5 mm pločio Pasirinktinai
85 Preciziškas pjovimo staklių liniuotes nustatymas winner/basic Pasirinktinai
74 Priešpjūklis varomas mechaniškai, Ø-80 mm Pasirinktinai
Frezavimo staklės
Frezavimo velenas 90° su aukščio reguliavimu priekinėje staklių pusėje. S
Apsukų greičiai 3000/6000/8000 aps/min S
100 Veleno skersmuo 30 mm, darbinis aukštis 100 mm S
101 MF spindle system - Frezavimo velenas - Ø 30 mm, darbinis aukštis 100 mm Pasirinktinai
105 MF spindle system - Frezavimo velenas - Ø 50 mm, darbinis aukštis 100 mm Pasirinktinai
102 MF spindle system - Frezavimo velenas - Ø 32 mm, darbinis aukštis 100 mm Pasirinktinai
103 MF spindle system - Frezavimo velenas - Ø 35 mm, darbinis aukštis 100 mm Pasirinktinai
104 MF spindle system - Frezavimo velenas - Ø 1¼", darbinis aukštis 100 mm Pasirinktinai
108 MF spindle system - Wechselbare Frässpindel mit Spannzangenaufnahme Pasirinktinai
Frezavimo staklių liniuotė 220 skirta įrankiams max. 220 mm skersmens S
Max įrankių skersmuo nuleidžiamų prie 90° kampo 180 mm
113 Reguliavimo sistema su ratlankiais 450 mm Pasirinktinai
Anoduotas formatavimo stalas
133 Formatavimo stalas 2500 mm, atrama apipjovimui S
Skersavimo stalai ir skersinės liniuotės
161 Skersavimo stalas 1250 S
163 Kampų šablonas skersavimo stalui (#160/161) Pasirinktinai
164 Skersinė liniuotė 900 mm skersavimo stalams Pasirinktinai
165 Teleskopinis prailginimas 750 mm skersinei liniuotei (#164) Pasirinktinai
169 Skersinė liniuotė 2600 mm skersavimo stalui 1250 S
Gręžimo suportas
190 Gręžimo suportas Pasirinktinai
191 Gręžimo griebtuvas 0-16 mm Pasirinktinai
Svoris (kg) 780
Papildoma įranga
210 Transportavimo komplektas be rankenos Pasirinktinai
211 Rankena transportavimui Pasirinktinai
212 Priedas pastūmos įrenginio atvertimui Pasirinktinai
221 Paruošimas siuntų transportavimui jūra Pasirinktinai
223 Paletė apsaugota termiškai pagal IPPC nuostatas Nemokama papildoma įranga


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